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Founder and Developer

Dr Gail Clayton

Dr. Gail Clayton, DCN, CNS, MS, RPh, is a Clinical Pharmacist and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from The University of Houston in 1988, and is licensed in Texas.

She then continued her education and earned a Master and Doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition.

She has experience in many fields of Pharmacy including retail, HMO, hospital, home infusion and compounding and has since retired from working as a Pharmacist and opened her own private nutrition practice as the next creative step in her journey to help alleviate the suffering of others coping with devastating health conditions.

This product is the inspiration of Dr. Clayton while recovering from severe chemical and mold sensitivity after exposure to toxic mold. After fruitlessly searching for help from the Western Medical System she found the answers for her recovery in alternative medicine.

She then embarked on her present journey to become an expert in herbal medicine and toxic mold exposure. She began studying herbal remedies and developed the ImmunoThrive formula which was another breakthrough in her recovery and she want to share it.

Learn more about the ImmunoThrive formula and its benefits here.