By: Gail Clayton, R.Ph. PATHOGENESIS Many diseases are attributed to problems that begin in the digestive system. Digestion is the process whereby our body converts the energy from our food sources to an energy source that we can utilize. Food goes through hundreds of enzymatic reactions to get to the endpoint of energy (ATP) for [&hellip

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  By: Gail Clayton, R.Ph. Oxidative stress is a condition where the body produces highly reactive free radicals that can in turn damage cellular components and cause dysfunction of cellular processes leading to illnesses if not controlled.1Many scientists are in agreement that most illnesses and disease states and even the aging process begin at the [&hellip

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About Our Immune System

By Beatriz Gallagher, CNS, PhD All illnesses take place when we have a deficient immune system that cannot keep up with pathogens, excess inflammation, low energy production, congestion, nutrient deficiencies, too much stress and toxins and heavy metals that poison the cells. The human body functions harmoniously by coordinating its metabolic functions according to its [&hellip

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