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Improved Eyesight!

Apr 07, 2015 by Andrew R in TX

I am on my 2nd bottle of ImmunoThrive which I have been taking to improve my overall health and strengthen my immune system but happily discovered that ImmunoThrive does much more than that! I went to see my Optometrist for my annual prescription for my contact lenses last month (Mar 2015). My last year's visit didn't go well because my over 40's vision continued the trend of worsening. I went from a -4.25 in both eyes to a -4.50 in the left and -4.75 in the right. During my exam this year, my Optometrist couldn't believe the selections I was making when he would ask, "which is clearer, option 1 or option 2." He was so perplexed! He finally revealed that my vision had improved to -4.0 in my left eye and -4.25 in right eye! He even tested me a 2nd time because he couldn't believe the improvement. He began asking me what eye exercises I was doing because my improvement was so great. I told him I really wasn't doing anything different. The only thing I could think to share was that I started taking ImmunoThrive. He was so interested and intrigued that I brought him a tri-fold of ImmunoThrive a few days later! I never imagined or thought that ImmunoThrive would improve my vision but I'm a believer now!!! Thank you for sharing this amazing product with humanity. It is truly making a difference in people's lives. I am so grateful for my improved vision and pray that this is only the beginning. Much love to you all...I'm a huge fan!!!

Great for Chronic Lyme Symptoms!

Apr 04, 2015 by Jennifer

I began taking Immunothrive for the powerful antioxidants contained, as testing revealed I was in need of more support. I didn't have any known histamine issues, but have suffered from chronic Lyme disease, as my initial Lyme Disease treatment did not rid of the infection. What I noticed after 2 days of taking this, was an even greater amount of energy and significantly reduced inflammation. I had an SI joint injury from 9 years ago that was unrelated to Lyme Disease (and prior to me contracting Lyme). Not only did Immunothrive help with brain inflammation I was experiencing from Lyme Disease, but one day, I surprisingly noticed my SI joint pain was gone!!!! As long as I take this regularly, it hasn't returned, and this is after 9 years of unsuccessful chiropractic and orthopedic Dr. care. While many people are currently suffering from seasonal allergies in my town, I have no symptoms at all. This product has been amazing in so many ways. I love Immunothrive!

Improved Food Tolerance

Apr 01, 2015 by Rohan

I am practising Clinical Nutritionist and have trailed this product on 2 patients so far. One had an IgE mediated response to rice, and was very sensitive to many other foods. She was able to eat these foods again after 2 weeks, including rice! The other patient was extremely reactive to many foods, which reduced the dietary intake to only a select few foods. Once again, after only 2 weeks she has been able to incorporate more foods, with a diminished histamine reaction. Very happy with these result so far and looking forward to seeing further improvements in weeks to come

No more migraines

Mar 31, 2015 by Angela

I have been using Immunothrive to help improve my oxidative stress as have MTHFR c1298c and issues with hypertension and detoxing my oestrogen. I have found that using this product has really improved the migraines that I get monthly and for the first time in years I didn't get one last month! I am a nutritionist and have tried just about everything so I'm really pleased about this!

Mar 28, 2015 by Irina

What great product! I read that Immunothrive modulate the immune response and aslo can increase the nitric oxide levels and decided to try it. I've noticed a definite increase in overall energy just after a couple of days of taking it. I have over-reactive immune system and immunothrive helped me to become more balanced. It greatly helped with flu like symptoms I had, that come and go (it was confirmed to be a viral etiology) and helped me to recover really fast.

Amazing results!

Mar 26, 2015 by Jennifer Smith

I bought it for myself after hearing wonderful things about it on Facebook. I had only taken it for a few days before a ND put me on a boatload of new meds, so not wanting to confuse what side effects were from what, i stopped the Immunothrive. For now. mAmy daughter has histamine issues and developers rashes (eczema) constantly from both environmental allergies and undiagnosed food allergies. I encouraged her to try Immunothrive. On the days she took Immunothrive she never had to take Benadryl! Excited to retry it after my amount of supplements have died down. Thank you!

Great Anti-Inflammatory and Migraine Reducer

Mar 25, 2015 by Faith

I am so thankful to have found Immunothrive. I started out with one a day and now take three faithfully every day, one with each meal. Would not go without it! It's helped me out significantly. I used to have nearly chronic inflammation to the point that I couldn't walk or hold a pencil and had complicated migraines that would leave me bed-ridden for several days each week. I also was on a VERY restricted diet because everything I ate was causing nearly instantaneous inflammation. Within a few days, I noticed the inflammation lessening and after a month, the migraines were becoming less frequent, down from two a week to maybe two per month. They are also much more tolerable as they would always last at least 14 hours to days, and I'd literally be paralyzed on the right side, unable to speak clearly, had extreme nausea and blinding pain. Pain shots from the doctor couldn't even touch the pain. I was informed by my doctor that if they stayed this bad and frequent that I was at a much higher risk for stroke. Now, they only come about once a month or so, are quite mild.. way less pain, less paralysis, and they dissipate within a few hours.. literally, not days of agony like before. I've also been able so slowly introduce new items into my diet without being scared of a huge inflammatory reaction. I have more energy as I am now able to digest nutrients better and am able to take the other supplements that I was quite deficient in, but couldn't take until I'd been on Immunothrive for a while. I had been diagnosed with gastroparesis a few years ago, which means my digestive system was basically paralyzed. Thanks to Immunothrive and a few other suggestions from Gail, I'm on the road to recovery. :-) I used to be able to only barely function and survive the day. Now, I'm walking at least 3 miles a day and have much more energy. VERY THANKFUL!

Mar 24, 2015 by Jessica

I LOVE my immunothrive!!! Many foods esp foods high in histamine were causing me pain. Immunothrive took all my pain away within just a few weeks. Also I have Lyme disease and it seems to be helping lessen my herxheimer reactions. So thankful for this product.

great anti-inflammatory

Mar 24, 2015 by Tanya

Immunothrive has helped reduce my food sensitivities, and decreased overall inflammation. I suspect it's also helping with inflammation in my skin. I also find Gail accessible, knowledgeable and willing to discuss how to use immunothrive and what to expect. I'm very happy that I've tried it!

Helped heal me from the chronic hives, itching, bloating and histamine reactions of Urticaria

Mar 24, 2015 by Marsha S.

I've been searching for ways to help heal from Fibromyalgia symptoms for 20 years. I've taken many supplements to help with the body-wide symptoms of this illness along with prescription medications and diet changes. I wasn't helped by prescription medications, they only made things worse. Immunothrive, combined with restrictions of foods I'm sensitive to, have turned my life around. Since beginning Immunothrive, I've been able to tolerate many of the foods I had to eliminate because of severe reactions. I had been taking a prescription antihistamine for many years and have now stopped taking that medication. I was very hesitant to try one more supplement..... especially one I've never heard of before as I've taken many supplements with some success and have spent a lot of money over the years with trial and error. But, I heard from many people with my same health conditions who improved dramatically by using Immunothrive. I'm very cautious of "dramatic" improvements as I've seen many new products come along touted as the next best thing since sliced bread. I ordered one bottle of Immunothrive just to try it and started taking a very small dose. Little by little, I increased my dose and noticed dramatic improvements over a period of time. My husband noticed the improvements in my health and happiness and he began taking it for his health problems. It's helped him, too. We've now re-ordered and continue to take Immunothrive........and this time we bought 6 bottles .

Immunothrive , USA 5.0 5.0 12 12 I am on my 2nd bottle of ImmunoThrive which I have been taking to improve my overall health and strengthen my immune system but happily discovered that ImmunoThrive does much more

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