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Key Benefits of Immunothrive

  • Immunothrive can be used either as single or as complimentary therapy to what ever your current regiment is. The micronutrients and phytochemicals will amplify the desired effect.
  • The potent anti-oxidants in Immunothrive make it the ideal supplement for inflammatory and degenerative conditions such as: arthritis, allergies, auto-immune diseases, and pain.
  • The super-foods chosen in the formula provide the body with tremendous amounts of phytonutrients that give the body energy allowing you to work harder to burn calories. Providing the important nutrients and vitamins in the right balance made by nature helps to reduce food cravings.
  • Each ingredient was specifically chosen for their unique ability to help regulate the immune response, and have been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries to treat hyper- and hypo- immune responses.
  • The naturally occurring chlorophyll in these herbs are known to bind toxins and purify the blood and liver. The most significant benefit of chlorophyll is its abundance of magnesium being a key mineral for energy production and healing.
  • The long history of use of the individual herbs have proven their safety and effectiveness. Modern research in Institutions have verified the key elements that allow the benefits known by traditional use.
  • Pharmaceuticals are designed to treat symptoms of disease and halt progression of the condition. Nutraceuticals feed the cells, balance enzymes, and modulate the immune response in order to achieve homeostasis and good health.

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